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Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country where it is easy to establish, both administratively as socially. However, the difficulties inherent to an installation in a foreign country are not to be underestimated.

Each case is different and it is difficult to generalize. For this we are at your service to help you succeed in your establishment in Costa Rica.

Here are some recommendations.

For your phone, prepaid cards are currently available.

Do not forget to register with your embassy. This can be useful in case of a major incident in the country (earthquake for example).

Identify a medical contact who speaks your language, someone that you can contact in case of difficulties.

Translations: Make your English to Spanish translations in Costa Rica and it will cost you much less.

License: Get a driver's license in an hour. Take your residence card, driver's license from your country, photos, a medical certificate and US$ 20. You will receive your license the same day. Let us help you with the medical certificate.

Beyond these tips, we can help you with:

The search for housing (location, price, contract, required references ...)

Opening a bank account

...and many other thing...

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