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Investment and creation of societies

Limited company are registred with a minimum of two people in front of a Notary Public Costa Rican. After the constitution, the shares can be transferred and it is legally feasible to have a society in which one person is the owner of all shares. Limited responsibility for partners.

Shareholders should choose a name that can be in English; composing a Board of Directors (a minimum of three members, called President, Secretary and Treasurer) and an Auditor. Each of these positions must be occupied by a different person; the original shareholders can occupy one of this positions.

Other issues to be decided are the capital of the Company (the fees payable for the registration are related to capital, more capital, the higher the fees are high), the number shares that compose the capital and the representation of the company. However, at the time of creation, or after, this power can be limited, for example, to specific actions or certain amounts of money.

The establishment of the company, as well as changes in its statutes are registered at the Public Registry, to which everyone can access. However, all transfers of shares of the Company are recorded in the Book of Shareholders Register, which is kept by the company and is only available to shareholders and members of the Board of Directors; Third parties can only access it with judicial authorization.

When buying real estate, it is recommended to do so on behalf of a limited company. In this case, transfers can be achieved more easily and the structure can be more flexible for other transactions or needs.

The purchase of real estate

Properties in Costa Rica are listed in the National Register. This register is centralized in San Jose. Before buying land (and even before seriously considering an offer to buy) a title search in the Register should be performed. Ask us how to check your property through a secure website.

This study will show all the information on the property, including the area, the owner, boundaries, location, mortgages, and other charges.

Another option that can be considered for the properties, especially the beaches, is the concession. In this case, the state gives an individual the right to use the land for a specified period. In general terms, the concession can be considered as a rental. The registration of the concession is different from the regular property and it has special features for areas, terms, occupation, etc.

In conclusion, before buying, before offering or even before seriously considering buying a property, do a search to know the exact situation and made a study of the property title : these simple steps can save you a lot of money and effort, and make your investment in Costa Rica worthwhile.

Purchase and registration of your vehicle in Costa Rica

When purchasing or importing a vehicle, several requirements must be performed. Payment of import tax, registration with the National Registry, check whether the vehicle is up to date with all the formalities. It is advisable to make a sale-purchase contract with the help of a lawyer to avoid any surprises. We guide you through this process.

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