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What is co-lawyering?

Action to have 2 lawyers working on the same case, to maximize everyone's skills.

When you have a dispute in a foreign country where you do not completely master the language, it is important to have a lawyer ensuring correct and accurate communication. However, your case may require the services of a specialist lawyer who does not necessarily speak your language. Here the co-lawyering play its full role. The lawyer will bring its expertise and the second attorney will ensure communication.

Do not remain in doubt, if you are forced to resort to legal action in a country where you do not speak the language, made use of our co-lawyering services. Either you already have a lawyer and we provide communication, or we bring you the 2 skills. Generally, the co-lawyering does not cost you more. Except in special cases, lawyers will agree to only receive a single fee for the service rendered.

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