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Buying real estate, house and apartment

Triple your buying power while living quietly in the sun. Enjoy the economic stability of the country and its strong growth ...... all this happens in Costa Rica!

Some tips and tricks

- Security is important. Make sure your home is protected in your absence and buy an apartment or condo's within protected areas (Gate Community or condos) and with single entrance.

- If you want to buy a house, make sure the whole property is surrounded with a wall.

- Do not forget to make an overall assessment of the cost of your purchase. Enjoy a country in full development where capital gains performed on real estate are substantial.

- Find out the registered value to calculate the tax rate

- Evaluate the HOA's of apartments and condos.

- The transactions are in USD or Colones. A dollar is worth about 500 Colones.

- There are no restrictions for foreigners.

Always make a preliminary research on the property that suits you before taking any decision. The recourse to a lawyer is recommended to check the quality of goods and make the best recommendations

Make to historical study by a lawyer of the property you wish to purchase. Possible claims of property rights are prescribed after ten years.

A good investment in real estate often depends of a good legal study of the property: consult us for the possibilities and limitations of building, possible developments, the necessary permits .... and make a good investment.

Our team is composed of a lawyer who speaks english.

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